YouTube: Popular Sports Content

We are now in the era of social media where we can watch our favorite sports on the go. YouTube being one of the most sought after platform by sports enthusiasts to get their share of sports updates, we bring you the most watched sports content on YouTube in terms of popular channels and formats.

Unlike other content creators, sports content creators face different challenges like creating content with a short shelf life, keeping an audience engaged through an off season and getting international as well as national audiences.

Following are the most popular sports channels on YouTube ordered by subscribers and views:

What’s Being Watched: Top channels – Worldwide

113 K creators are creating content on sports, with a social reach of 6.1 B and generating 13.3 B views monthly


  • WWE is on the top when it comes to subscriber base and views.
  • Nike Football , FC Barcelona , XHIT Daily have more subscriber base but have less views as compared to TNA , HeilRJ & MLB

What’s Being Watched: Top Channels – India


  • Gocriket is on the top with highest views and subscribers.
  • Star Sports , Indian Premier League , Ten Sports , Sony Six are having subscribers more than 100 K
  • When it comes to views Gocricket is followed by Indian Premier League, Star Sports etc.
  • Most of the top channels in India are cricket.

Top Sports By Top Channels– India


Out of 350 top sports channels in India

  • 41% channels are based on cricket.
  • 24% football channels and 15%  WWE
  • Surprisingly, Bodybuilding is on 4th place in this list with 7% of the total channels

What’s Being Watched: Popular Formats

In terms of formats of sports content being watched by audiences, these are our picks of most popular formats:

How to/Coaching: In this format videos are based on tips, tricks and coaching advice for specific skills related to a sport. This format has gathered 2 Billion worldwide views.





Listicals: These are the videos having top 5, top 10 or any countdown across categories like best shots, best catches, best moments. This format has gathered 1.7 B views worldwide from 71 K videos. Out of which 30 M views are from India.


Interviews: This formats is of interviews of famous sports personalities. It has gathered 985 M views worldwide with 232 K videos out of which 14 M views are from India.


Challenges/Exhibition Play: This format contains a challenge or a competition to accomplish a specific task which requires a specific skill related to that sport. It has 640 M views from 149 K videos out of which 7 M views are from India.


Sports Bloopers: This format depicts funny fails, falls or mistakes. It has got 206 M views out of which 1 M views are from India. 8,720 videos created worldwide, while 41 from India.




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