YouTube: Latest Trends in Food Content

Top 5 Trending Formats in Last 90 Days


  • Out of the 419 Food videos that trended these past 90 days over YouTube in India and US, these are the top 5 formats based on most number of videos per format. As we can see, most videos were of the format Challenge and Taste Test/Review.
  • Other popular formats are Food Fails, Pranks, Hacks and Recipes.

Top Video Picks From Top Formats :

#1 Format – Challenge

A video showing participants complete a timed food eating challenge.

People take the milk challenge by the Buzzfeedvideo is a very unique yet interesting challenge where the contestants are given food having different tastes, the only rule is not to drink milk. This video generated 1.8 M views.


#2 Format taste test / review

New experiments are carried out with food and people are asked to take a taste test and review the foods. Will it chocolate by good Mythical Morning is a really funny video where different food items are dipped in chocolate. This video has grabbed 5.3 M views


#3 Format – DIY

This video depicts how one can make complicated recipes in an easy way by themselves without any hassles.  How to make latte art by How to Basic is a very unique video with an interesting climax. This video has grabbed 994 k Views.



#4 Format – Drinks DIY

Tutorial videos for different types of drinks, The Netflix & Chill Cocktail – Tipsy Bartender has shown how to prepare a chill drink in a very interesting way. This video has grabbed many eye balls and generated around 468 k Views.


#5 Format : Food facts

In these videos various interesting facts associated with food are revealed. SHOCKING Facts You Never Knew About Coffee! By Matthew Santoro has revealed many interesting facts about coffee which are unknown. This video has grabbed 1.3 M views


# 6 Format : Faking News

More like funny news stories related to food, this format has videos with funny or fake funny food news. The video ‘New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway’ was trending in India for 10 days and has grabbed more than 8 million views so far.


Top 5 Trending Food Creators


These are the most popular food creators in the last 90 days


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