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 Trending Categories in Music In Last 90 Days

12 February 2016 – This week we look at the music vertical in India and identify the top trends in the last 90 days. Indians have a diversified taste when it comes to music. The love for International music can be seen in the trends too.

326 songs  trended in last 90 days, out of this 60% were international songs and the remaining 40% were National/Regional.


International music videos generated 1.3 Billion views while regional music videos generated 65 Millions views.



What Trended In International Vertical : Top 10 Music Videos



National / Regional vertical

The break down of the trending categories is as follows



  • Bollywood is the top category for trending videos with 26 videos in 90 days.
  • Closely followed by Punjabi Songs with 25 videos.

Category – Bollywood

Song from the movie Loveshhuda trended for 28 days and generated 505K views in that time. Net growth of this songs views was 83%. Apart from the songs of fresh releases , old songs like Ladki badi anjani hai , Tu Jahaan Jahaan Chalega by Lata Mangeshkar also made entry in the list of trends for 10 days




Category – Punjabi

Sheesha Down by Sukh-E Musical Doctorz created buzz for 20 days and gathered 1,392,430  views.



Category – Tamil

Most popular song in this category was Domer- u Lord- u it trended for 21 days and generated 454,148 views on contrary Vedalam – Aaluma Doluma was popular for 3 days but gathered 1,820,273 views in short span of time.



Category – Telugu

‘Follow Follow’ was the most popular for 25 days it gathered 759,713 views. Where as ‘Sivuni Aana’ from the movie Bahubali trended for 4 days and gathered 1,467,880 views.



Category – Devotional

Best of Anuradha Paudwal Chhath Geet  trended for 17 days and gathered 43,368 views.  Mere Maula trended for 5 days and generated 161 K views.



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