Viewership of Kids’ Content on YouTube

Time spent by children in front of television screens has been declining in the last decade. According to a study by Childwise, children in UK spent 25% less time per day in front of a television in 2015 as compared to in 2000.

At the same time, time spent online has gone up by 50% in the last two years, and this behaviour is globally emulated. According to a report by FutureSource Consulting, for kids aged 3-16 watching online videos is the most favoured online activity, but for kids aged 13-17 social media platforms and instant messaging are more engaging

YouTube is the most preferred video platform for children, Childwise’ research said that more than 50% of the children in the study in the age group of 5-15, accessed YouTube every day, with almost all using it at least occasionally. With ease of internet access across India fast becoming a reality, th1.1e growth in YouTube viewers is bound to accelerate.

We identified the content available online, for kids below 13 years of age, analyzing videos with more than 1000 views per video, and as seen in Fig 1.1 you can see YouTube is leading the pack by a remarkable distance, contributing to 92% of the total viewership, as compared to other platforms. Considering the amount of content being created, more than 83% is on YouTube, followed by 10% on Facebook and the rest distributed amongst other platforms as shown. YouTube has more than 2 Million creators creating kids specific content, while Facebook and Instagram have more than 400 thousand


If we compare the views per video for YouTube and Facebook, YouTube leads with just 1.8x more views per video. We think YouTube will always remain the primary source for kids’ content due to its positioning as a learning and entertainment video platform with features which allow the ability to loop and organize content consumption through playlists.

The following graphs show the trend in the content produced by year in the last 6 years on YouTube. The content produced per year on YouTube is growing at an average yearly rate of 32%. The rate at which the number of creators are growing is 15% while created by Indian creators sees almost a double growth rate of 60% in terms of content created, and 35% growth in the number of creators.











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