Video Machine (VM): VM creates 100+ different visual experiences for a given audio

Video Machine

Video Machine, one of our key technology drivers, is a patent pending product from Culture Machine which makes great looking videos at scale from any given audio. We have the capability to convert an audio into multiple videos with varied visual experience and thus converting a non-monetized audio into multiple monetized videos.

In the past 6 months the product output has scaled 5x, creating thousands of videos and millions of views each month. We have also grown 3x to now create 100+ different visual experiences for a given audio.

We are looking forward to shifting gears in 2016 and for this we have revamped the product’s design and plan to scale to 10x output with continuous improvement in video quality. We have already ventured into the South East Asia market with Video Machine and are in dialogues with some of the top music labels in the US & Europe to convert their audio catalogue using Video Machine.

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