Veer savarkar was an atheist, The Hans India. Dated, 30th August, 2016

Epified’s latest video shows Savarkar’s writings that reveal his other side

When you hear the name Veer Savarkar, you think of the man who invented Hindutva, the man who started the saffron revolution, the man whose followers are often called “religious fundamentalists”.

5220_libraryThis is why Epified’s new animated presentation is a surprise. With the help of poetic visuals, the channel, powered by Culture Machine, have brought to life Savarkar’s views on God and religion; proving with his own words, that he was an atheist.

Generally known as a Hindu nationalist and being “right wing”, Savarkar’s writings reveal a very different side of him. Acknowledging the vastness of the cosmos and the insignificance of humankind, he almost refutes the human ideal of an all-loving, all-pervasive God in this video.

Although seeming like a nonbeliever, he brings up some thought-provoking questions and also drives us to be inquisitive, if not disbelieve all that we have learnt.

‘Conceptualising God’ is an essential watch for anyone who has ever wondered about what we believe, why we believe it and the kind of scrutiny our beliefs should be subjected to.

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