Sonu Nigam is out with his ‘Crazy Dil’,, 24th May 2016

Sonu Nigam is out with his ‘Crazy Dil’

Following the success of the video ‘The Roadside Ustaad’ featuring Sonu Nigam , Culture Machine , a digital media company, released his much awaited single ‘Crazy Dil’ on their digital channel ‘Being Indian Music’.

Crazy Dil is an electronic dance number from Sonu Nigam featuring a special segment with Natalie Di Luccio and has a feel-good vibe to it. Being Indian Music also produced the video of the song that features Sonu, his son Nevaan Nigam and his close friends from the industry in cameos – Farah Khan, Kailash Kher , Sunil Singh Grover and Rajkumar Hirani .

Directed by Sonal Batra, the Crazy Dil video is a quirky, bubbly one to match the energetic tempo of the electronic dance number. Not only do we see Sonu singing and dancing in the side-splitting video but also Farah, Sunil and Kailash in never seen before avatars! While Raj Kumar Hirani plays himself, Farah takes up the role of a ring master whipping Sonu at the circus, Sunil is a zombie waking up from the graveyard and Kailash Kher sweating it out in the gym! Natalie Di Luccio is dressed as an Egyptian queen and a super cute moment also features Sonu’s son Nevaan Nigam making a special appearance at the end of the video.

Speaking about ‘Crazy Dil’ and his association with Culture Machine, Sonu Nigam said, “I had written the song Crazy Dil in 2014 during my tour to America and then sang it for MTV Unplugged. The response this song received was what propelled me to do something different with it. I had intended to release independent music online as the medium reaches out to music lovers across the world at one click. I am looking forward to see the audience’s reaction to Crazy Dil on Being Indian Music.”
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