Of a love that is unconditional, Sunday Mid-day, 13th March 2016

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Of a love that is unconditional
Pakistani troupe Siege The Band’s new single, Ki Kariye is all about propagating love that is not based on how a person looks. The band recently released their single, produced by Culture Machine, on their “Being Indian” channel. It’s about a boy who loves and supports his girlfriend even after she is a survivor of an acid attack.

“I used to have a crush on this girl in school and always wanted to write a song for her,” says lead vocalist Junaid Younus, “But I have also been working with an NGO in Pakistan that works with acid victims. It’s such a rampant practice in India and Pakistan and we wanted to address it.”

He also feels that the song could work as a tool to unite the two countries. “I live in Lahore, and I am barely 15 minutes away from the border. We are the same people. And music could be a way to connect.” Well said.

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