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Indian comedy groups have taken on a challenge posed by international group Tenderloins, and everyone is going LOL.


What is life without tiffs and brawls? We are unlikely to say so for brawls as we know them, but they take another shape altogether when it is a contest of creativity. With the challengers and the defenders fighting it out in their creations, and the biggest winner is the audience.

#SpriteComedykonkout is one such initiative that has spiraled out of a challenge that popular US-based international comedy group Tenderloins threw to leading Indian web channels Being Indian, TVF and Hoezaay.

In the series led by Culture Machine, these channels, in turn, passed the challenge to other groups in India and thus the series kept growing with the groups Daniel Fernandez, Putchutney, The troubleseekers team, Enna Da Rascalas, Old Delhi Films and The Comedy Factory.

Following the guiding theme of taking on fakers, the groups have come with fresh ideas in different contexts. While in one video the protagonist boasting about his imagined wealth suffers mighty blows on his scooty, which he cannot anymore claim to be his own after his tall claims, another one takes on those who pretend to follow popular shows like Game of Thrones to gel in with friends but actually don’t.

The American group, who named themselves after a list of words a member, Sal found embarssing, say that they have not visited India yet. They are, however, quite overwhelmed by the possibility of reaching out to the huge population of the country.

“There are so many people over there. And it’s crazy that they know about the Tenderloins now. To think we started in Staten Island, New York and have reached people that far across the globe. It is very surreal for us. And quite humbling honestly,” the group says in an email.

Many videos in the series have over a 100 thousand views already substantiating the optimism of their American challengers. Ayushman Gupta, the director of Being Indian, is happy with the response they have got till now. “It has been great fun being a part of this series. One of our videos has got over 7 lakh views, which is incredible. The other groups have also come up with great stuff. I am particularly impressed with TVF’s spin of going back to the Mughal era,” he says.

Sheyansh, creative producer, TVF says that they came into the picture as their channel became the platform for the videos.
“It was of course important for an established group like TFV to take the lead when some group like Impractical Jokers have challenged us. The result was quite amazing since fun videos from both the newcomers and the established names that have got a great many views and have been appreciated,” he says.

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