Is You Tube Success = Box Office Collection? Dilwale vs. Bajirao Mastani

The mega weekend that Bollywood was awaiting with part excitement, part apprehension has come and gone. This winter’s most awaited movies Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani released last weekend. Bajirao Mastani is the most ambitious and awaited project by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and while Dilwale is much talked about for the evergreen lead pairing of Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol. This is the second time that Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shah Rukh Khan releases have clashed, the last time was in 2007 when Om Shanti Om and Saawariya released on the same day, with Deepika on the SRK side. Then, eight years ago, Om Shanti Om was the obvious winner. This time round, the math involved is trickier. Taran Adarsh, the trade analyst, tweeted the figures as on Tuesday:


While the opening weekend collections of Bajirao Mastani were 28% less than those of Dilwale (As of Sunday, Bajirao Mastani made Rs. 46.8 Cr and Dilwale made Rs. 65.09 Cr.) positive reviews for Bajirao is helping it out to gain more sustained collection; while Diwale’s collection has dropped by 52% from Friday to Monday Bajirao prevailed with a 20% fall in daily collection.

We know that marketing is an integral part of a movies success and while both these movies generated a lot of buzz in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. we decided to analyse their presence on YouTube and figure out if the reach of these movies on YouTube was a factor in the success of these movies in the Box Office.

Reach of Content on YouTube

Videos created for Dilwale on YouTube were 10K, which generated viewership of 169M views, whereas Bajirao Mastani had half the videos at 5.4K with views at 94.5M. So the views per video for Bajirao Mastani were 4% more than the views per video for Dilwale.


The most interesting fact about the content creation of videos was that while ~99% of the videos were fan created for both these movies their owned content differ widely in their viewership contribution:

  • Diwale – 56% viewership from owned content (35 videos)
  • Bajirao – 77% viewership from owned content (63 videos)


Top Formats by Consumption


On taking a look at formats we can see that

  • Formats based on Songs was very high on views and videos followed by Trailer/Teaser for Dilwale
  • Trailer/Teaser topped the list for Bajirao on the number of videos but the Songs gathered more viewership as compared to Trailer/ Teaser.

Top Videos Comparison

In the last 60 days, almost 30 videos trended for Dilwale while only 10 for Bajirao Mastani. The Dilwale Trailer, which was unveiled a month ago trended for more than 20 days and generated 13 million views in that time. Compared to the trailer of Bajirao Mastani which was unveiled along the same time but trended only for 12 days and made 4 million views in that time. As of today, Dilwale trailer has 20 M views while Bajirao Mastani trailer has 9 M views.


Amongst their top song releases, Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’ which was released a month ago trended for 10 days and grabbed 9 million views in that time. Compared to Bajirao Mastani’s ‘Deewani Mastani’ which was unveiled 2 months ago and gathered 1.5 Million views trending for 6 days. The current views for Dilwale are 30 Million compared to Deewani Mastani’s 19 Million views.


In conclusion, seeing as Dilwale outperformed Bajirao Mastani on YouTube and also in the box office based on the opening weekend collections, it seems like YouTube reach could very well be a factor in a movies success.

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