Intelligence Machine (IM): IM indexes and analyses 2 billion plus videos across Youtube every day

Intelligence Machine

Culture Machine, one of the fastest growing digital video networks in Asia, which has always stood by its promise of providing quality content backed by cutting edge technology, took its commitment further with the launch of Intelligence Machine platform in April 2015.

Through its rich data driven insights, Intelligence Machine identifies the content recipe for brands and creators that resonates with the targeted audience and enables them to translate the insights into a reliable programming strategy. It indexes and analyses over 2 billion videos across Youtube on daily basis along with 85 plus million videos on Facebook.

Ever since its launch, IM has tapped into the social buzz of multiple trends & posts across the two big social media platforms in India- Facebook and Twitter, and has helped identify current trends and audience mood for the target group. IM has also played a pivotal role and helped acquiring additional insights into the YouTube ecosystem with its added capability to track subscribers and video lengths and provide suitable recommendations.

Not only this, IM also boasts of its advanced Data Science (DS) techniques for ‘Content Format Classification’ and Hero Hub Hygiene (Internal Programming Calendar) classification for videos in a channel.

Recently with IM, Culture Machine has successfully ventured into new markets of South East Asia and the Middle East.

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