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Probably the biggest impact of social media and platforms like YouTube on human society can be qualified as knowledge sharing. YouTube has made it possible to dissipate visual information quickly and ridiculously cheap. Millions of people consume educational content on YouTube across the world to enrich their lives.


Education as a category has slowed down in terms of growth across YouTube. Last 6 years’ data shows that compared to a staggering 83% (average) growth in videos published from 2010-13, it has only grown by 22% (average) growth in past 2 years.


The probable reason for this slow down is creator’s migration to other categories like Entertainment, Blogs which are currently more popular.


Top Creators by Audience Age

The education content available on YouTube can be broken into different age groups that it caters to, here are a few basic stats for these groups:


The following channels lead in these age groups in terms of lifetime views:


An analysis of the general formats associated with these channels shows that Animated Rhymes are popular in 1-5 age group while Vlogs, Whiteboard Animations, Science Experiments are popular in 5+ age groups.


Audience Age Group 1-5


Little BabyBum
edu7This children education channel from UK has more than 5M subscribers on YouTube and has amassed more than 500M views in Jan, 2016 itself. The video “Wheels On The Bus | Plus Lots More Nursery Rhymes | 54 Minutes Compilation from LittleBabyBum!”  has generated more than 1.2B views.  LittleBabyBum primarily makes nursery rhymes coupled with Animation format which engage children and they come again and again to watch the same video.




ChuChu TV Kids Songs

edu9Another children education channel from India has found similar success. They have more than 3.5M subscribers on YouTube and have gathered more than 282M views in Jan, 2016. The video “Johny Johny Yes Papa and Many More Videos | Popular Nursery Rhymes Collection by ChuChu TV” has 666M views on YouTube with very high engagement from viewers.



Audience Group 5-15


edu10Science channel Brussup from US has been able to lure kids of higher age group through its quirky illusions and science videos. They have strong followers base of 2.4M on YouTube and have amassed 14M views in Jan, 2016. The video “10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid!” has got impressive 30.1M views.






edu12Australian science education channel Veritasium boasts a versatile playlist which contains videos on interviews, facts, experiments and challenges. They have 3.2M YouTube subscribers and gathered 7M views in Jan, 2016. Their video “Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect” has more than 30M views.




Audience Age Group 15+


edu13SciShow is a fast growing science education channel for adults. They feature videos on unexpected scientific subjects which spark curiosity. They have 3.1M YouTube subscribers with 14.6M views in Jan, 2016.






edu15Vsauce is a philosophy/science education channel. They produce videos on topics ranging from everyday science to gaming, technology, culture and other topics of general interest. They have a staggering subscriber base of 10M followers on YouTube and a very impressive 3M views/video ratio.



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