Diwali and Halloween on YouTube!                                                            What worked in capturing the attention of audiences this season?

Capitalizing on tent pole events has been a very popular programming strategy for most popular creators, as Halloween and Diwali were the talk of the town these last two months we decided to check out the performance of these topics on YouTube.

Of the total videos uploaded on YouTube in October-November 2015, 1 in every 160 videos was related to the topic ‘Halloween’ while 1 in every 4,100 was of the topic ‘Diwali’. The total views gathered from all content uploaded in this time range were 104 Billion, Halloween videos contributed to 1.5 Billion views while Diwali contributed to 45 Million views.

When it comes to Halloween it’s an evergreen theme on YouTube, there were 515 K videos uploaded in 2015 (till Nov 2015). Out of which 87% videos were uploaded in the months of October-November. While, for the topic ‘Diwali’ 19 K videos were uploaded in the year 2015. Out of which 17 K i.e. 90% videos were uploaded in the months of October and November

Further we explored the weekly video uploads in these months,



and found that the most popular weeks for uploads of Diwali videos were the first two weeks of November which contributed to almost 65% of the total uploads this season while for Halloween almost 70% of uploads were in the last week of October and first week of November. (Oct 25th – Nov 7th)

According to IM, the incremental video views for all videos of topic ‘Halloween’ showed most spikes in the last 2 weeks of October up to the first week of November.

Incremental Views for ‘Halloween’ Videos:


So it seems that end of October to first week of November is the best time to upload Halloween videos.

For Diwali, the incremental video views for all videos showed most spikes in the first two weeks of November.

Incremental Views for ‘Diwali’ Videos:


So the first two weeks of November are best for uploading ‘Diwali’ Videos.

Seasons top formats!

We also analysed the views distribution for top formats of Halloween videos this season, as   you can see Prank, Parody and Makeup together made up more than 40% of the viewership.


However for Diwali, we found out that Festivals, DIY & Devotional Covered the 90% of the viewership, check out the formats below:


On comparing formats in these categories we see that viewership for Halloween is more diversified than Diwali. There needs to be quality content created for Diwali across more formats to enhance the viewership distribution. Creators for Diwali can take this opportunity to explore more formats on Diwali Videos like Pranks, Parody’s and Hauls etc.


Seasons Most Interesting Trending Videos!


Zoella was the most popular creator for Halloween videos in India this season with 3 trending videos in India while in USA the most popular creators were BuzzFeedYellow, Mr. Nightmare and Tipsy Bartender. For Diwali, the most popular creators were Pooja Luthra and MyHappinesz.

We picked the most interesting videos that grabbed attention of the viewers this season.

For Diwali the pick is ‘East India Comedy’s Ultimate Diwali Carols’:

East India Comedy’s Ultimate Diwali Carols.


We all are aware of Christmas Carols, but Diwali carol is quite unusual. This video is a funny take on Diwali where it portrays sarcasm towards Diwali clichés in a carol song, the video got 390 K views in the 7 days that it trended.

Popular in Halloween we had the video ‘Haunted House | Halloween songs for children’:

Haunted House | Halloween songs for children


which trended for more than a week in India making more than 2 M views in 8 days. This video is a perfect blend of animation, nursery rhymes and a little bit of scare and has been popular with kids this season.

Some of the popular trends in Diwali videos were Advertisement, Diwali Makeup and DIY. While for Halloween most popular trends were Halloween Pranks and Halloween Makeup and Costumes, talking about costumes a popular trend was pets dressed in Halloween costumes with more than 50% of videos in Pets and Animals being of this format.

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