Beauty Industry – Growth, formats & trends migration to India

This week we dissect the beauty industry, find out at what pace is the vertical growing, what formats are popular and racking up views and how are global formats migrating to Indian beauty channels.

The beauty industry has been amassing views on YouTube at an average rate of 24% year on year. Even though the growth has declined between 2014 and 2015 in terms of views, the number of videos published has grown 2x (Fig 1). Indicating that the influx of additional beauty content has not contributed to views and the segment needs higher quality videos with more engaging formats.


  Fig 1: Beauty Vertical on YouTube (Global)

Addition of Beauty Channels on YouTube (Global Vs India)

Observing the pace at which beauty channels are being added to the YouTube ecosystem, on a global level the growth had stagnated in the year 2013 & 2014. However there was a 90% increase in the number of channels added in 2015 as compared to the previous year.

For India this has been slowing down with only a 15% increase in the number of channels added in 2015 as compared to 2014 (Fig 2).


Fig 2: Addition of YouTube Channels (Global Vs Indian)



When we observe the top content formats year on year and their growth, and rank them according to the recency of introduction in India and growth in 2015 (Fig 3). The following ranking is observed

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Haul
  3. Lookbook
  4. Get ready with me



Fig 3: Top formats in India (YoY)


There are more than 4 million creators in the beauty segment which has generated about 7.3 Trillion lifetime views. Globally it was 2015 which had the highest growth rate which was 90% as compared to 2014. Where as in India year 2013 witnessed highest growth rate i.e. 87%.  While on an average beauty vertical has 60% growth rate from the year 2010 to 2015 globally, in India the average growth rate is 52%.  If we compare Indian creators against the global for the year 2015, we see that out of 1 million Creators only 1% are Indian creators. This show that the reach of Indian creators is less as compared to the global and it is a sign for the Indian Creators to create content for beauty vertical.


Content Formats Migration to India

This focuses on the content that was created overseas and loved, appreciated and inspired YouTube audiences and this led Indian creators to try their hands in making beauty related videos. Given below are the years when the format was released on YouTube globally and India. As a matter of fact on an average 4 years after the video gets published Indian creators consider making video on that particular format. What you don’t believe it? Come let’s take a look at the numbers.
bea5Formats like How to, Haul either started in the same year or a year later. But rest of the formats took at least 3-7 years that’s huge gap.


As a successful creator one must know what the audience is demanding. If we see the ratio of views and the numbers of videos published these are the formats which are in demand

  1. LookBook
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Get ready with me.

Let’s a take brief look at these formats.

  1. LookBook


A videos showcasing a collection of different looks put together based on a theme/season

As the season changes, fashion changes too. Everyone checkouts the trend that is going on in that particular season.  In this format fashionistas want to showcase what they have purchased for this season and how good they are looking in the outfit which is made especially made for a particular season.  There cannot be a single look through out a season that will be boring, wont it? This format helps audiences to do variation in their looks and outfits without feeling uncomfortable.

If we look at the numbers, this format is growing at a consistent pace globally.  Whereas in India even though production of this format is low, views have increased twice in number from 2014 to 2015. This is an indication of favourable consumption and demand. Look book entered YouTube platform in the year 2006 internationally and in India it took 6 years to come up with the first look book video format.

  1. Morning Routine


A video showing a morning routine carried out like skin care, hair care or morning make up routine

It is very important to kick start your day with good thoughts, and good looks. Just imagine if there is a bad hair day or break outs that will surely be a mood spoiler and yes it will ruin your day completely. Morning routine helps the viewers to take care of their skin, hair and makeup. Viewers actually get an opportunity to see what their favourite beauty creators do to look flawless so that even they can try this at home for the same. Globally the first video was released in the year 2007 on YouTube and in India it was in the year 2014. Globally this format is showing a decline in viewership in the year 2015, probably due to oversaturation of same content despite 3x more videos published. In India this format is one of the most recent, shows favourable consumption in a very short span of time. Videos published are minimal despite 2x growth in views in 2015. Common ladies pull up your socks for the morning routine, viewers are waiting for your videos.


  1. Get ready with me


A video showcasing getting ready routine dressing up and putting on makeup

When you look good, you feel good. This format depicts routine for looking good no matter what the occasion is. As it an open secret that women need little more time to get ready as compared to men. Get Ready with ME covers all the topics like morning routine, daily routine, night routine, festive seasons and many more. You don’t have to keep racking on brains and spending time to think on what to wear and what not to. In 2009 YouTube had its first Get Ready with me video and from India the first video was in the year 2012. If we take a deep dive into the numbers and performance of this format we saw that globally this format is showing a decline in viewership and videos published in the year 2015, probably due to oversaturation of same content. In India Videos published has stagnated in 2015, even though views have almost doubled showing demand for this format.



Following are the formats which did great in the past, gathered many views but later on the content started getting accumulated for the same format and the views decrease as compared to videos.

  1. How To/DIY/Tutorial
  2. Make up Challenge
  3. Back to School.


  1. How To/DIY/Tutorial


A video teaching someone how to do something…obviously

This format is helpful when it comes to trying out new stuff at home rather than going to expensive salons for small reasons like nail art, make up also it is empowering ladies to take up tutorials and get independent. Interestingly the very first video that came out on How To/DIY/Tutorial was in 2006 both In India & Globally. Performance was drastically cut into half in the year 2014, but 2015 has seen it picking up globally. India showed a 3x leap in the number of videos uploaded between 2013 and 2014 but the views kept decreasing, indicating a lack of quality content in the market.

  1. Make up challenge


Imagine yourself doing make-up without a mirror, isn’t it scary? Well Make Up Challenge is very unique way to challenge yourself to do a particular task within a short span of time, or not using mirror at all. Creators sometimes collaborate with their competitors and challenge each other like contouring in 2 mins or who applies eyeliner in just 30 secs. This is one of the oldest formats existing on YouTube but 2015 witnessed a substantial growth in terms of views and videos. 2014 appears to be an outlier year, performance has been abysmal overall. Has not picked up in India, needs reinvention.

  1. Back to School


A videos where vloggers show their preparations for school, where they showcase new makeup, looks, products etc.

Well no matter where you are going it is important to look good, even if that means going to school or college. But sometimes it gets difficult balancing the time for other chores and make up or hair do. This format helps the school goers with various tips & tricks which will help them look better in less amount of time. Globally this format has been going strong. 3x videos published in 2015 as compared to the previous year but this does not reflect in the views. Indicating that it is soon to reach a plateau. But in India, this format hasn’t taken off in the year 2015. Is in need of a reinvention.



From the above diagram we can see that almost 73% of the viewers are females and the rest 23% are males. This suggests that there is a space in the beauty industry for content to be consumed by males. 13 to 17 years age group only takes up 5.8% of the share, whereas top beauty channels globally show an average of 20% traffic from this age group. Indicating that there is space in the Indian market for specific content targeted for this age group.

What is the Indian Audience searching for?


Make up, Lipstick, Hairdo, fashion, Skin, Anti-aging, Nail Art are the topics that are gathering more views as compared to other beauty topics. So this is an indication for the beauty creators to create unique content which has most trending topics and the formats which are in demand like look book, morning routine and Get ready with me.

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