ALIA TAKES ON TROLLS, Mumbai Mirror. Dated, 17th November, 2016

The actress has shot for a video in which she urges girls to believe in themselves.

Alia Bhatt takes “low IQ” and “bushy eyebrows” jibes from online trolls with a pinch of salt. Now, the 23-year-old actress has shot for a video, titled I Heart Me for Culture Machine, in which she urges young girls to do the same. In conversation with two friends, the actress is seen explaining to them that just like other girls, she is subjected to a fair share of negativity on social media.

02-1A source associated with the project revealed to Mirror, “In the video, Alia embraces her flaws, telling her gal pals that it’s important to believe in yourself. The idea is to tell women that they should give priority to themselves over people who point out their flaws in pictures or their online ‘crush’ who mistreats them because you will be judged anyway, no matter what you do.”

In the past Alia has collaborated with comedy collective All India Bakchod for a video called Alia Bhatt – Genius of The Year (August 2014), taking a dig at herself after she was trolled for a general knowledge goof-up on a chat show.

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