A pettai homage to Chennai, timesofindia.indiatimes.com, Dated- 5th April 2016

A pettai homage to Chennai

Big Vitz

Put Chutney, a youth channel by Culture Machine has released Big Vitz’ latest track ‘Welcome to my Petta/Hood’. Inspired by Chennai and its people, the rap captures the very essence of the city of Chennai in the way Big Vitz does best!

‘Petta’ meaning neighborhood, is the central theme of the song as Big Vitz celebrates the city he grew up in. Produced by Sam BMJ, mixed by Daniel Louis of DJ Media Works and mastered by Ramesh Kidamp; ‘Welcome to my Petta/hood’ is about a boy growing up listening to Petta rap in the mid-90s and evolution of the genre in Chennai.

The video produced by Culture Machine captures the lives of Chennaites from across backgrounds and age, and is a reflection of the ‘coolness’ of Chennai across neighborhoods. ‘Welcome to my Petta/Hood’ covers every nook and corner and flavor of the city with punchy lyrics from Big Vitz.
The phrase Petta Rap came into local pop culture when Shankar’s movie “Kadhalan” had a song, composed by A R Rahman that goes by the same name.

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