Culture Machine, a YouTube certified MCN, is a digital video company, which provides entertainment for the Internet generation across genres such as Music, Comedy, Kids, Lifestyle and News. At CM, we have coupled great technology with pronounced content and this gives us the edge above the rest.

Culture Machine has been founded by two great minds – Sameer Pitalwalla (ex –Disney) and Venkat Prasad (ex – Google/YouTube). We have a network of 350+ YouTubers, generating an output of 3700 videos per month.  Culture Machine optimizes creators’ Videos, using best practices. Using its proprietary technology, state of the art production facilities, channel and audience management and creator network, it helps brands crack the digital Video platform on YouTube.

At CM, we combine in-depth analytics on the type of content that works on YouTube. This helps us to create content at scale using the creator network combined with insights, both creative and engineering. This ensures successful management of the YouTube channels for our brands, by creating content that makes our communication viral.