360 Degree Videos – Facebook vs. You Tube

360 degree videos have been a part of the digital space for almost a year now adding an unusual character to your videos. We decided to deep dive into this space to really gauge the impact of these videos on the two large social media platforms of the digital world.

How are 360 degree videos performing on YT & FB since last year?

Viewership on both YouTube & Facebook has been above 100 million in the last 12 months until April 2016. However, Facebook has been the better performer than You Tube despite the number of 360 degree videos uploaded being higher on You Tube. The engagement of Facebook’s viewers has also been 5x than that of YouTube viewers. The views per video was 143k on Facebook vs. 59k on YouTube. There’s great scope for more creators to grow ton Facebook, given the current count of creators is only 823.



Facebook had done a great job marketing and creating significant awareness on this new feature of 360 degree videos on its platform vs. YouTube who kept the launch relatively dormant. As we all know that Facebook, our every morning newspaper plays a significant role in our lives, the 360 degree video feature was also made aware to a fairly larger audience on Facebook as compared to YouTube.


On YouTube, 360 degree videos earned consistent views and some great spikes on the release of some really engaging quality videos like “MythBusters: Shark Shipwreck (360 Video)” in Aug and “Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video” in November in 2015. However, from 2016 the viewership on 360 degree videos has been significantly lower. This is contrary to the fact that the number of creators and videos published have risen in the year 2016.


We saw a similar trend for Facebook as well, despite acting as the platform that was a catalyst for 360 degree videos in the year 2015.

Top Performing content on YT & FB

We also took a dip to understand what kind of content & formats actually triggered viewers to watch & engage with 360 degree videos on these platforms. The top performing video formats for YouTube based on average views are Sports/Adventure, Minecraft, Commercial Music and Scary videos whereas for Facebook are Space, Flight, Sports/Adventure & Films videos. The audience of Facebook & YouTube certainly have different preferences of video content, however, Sports/Adventure has been a successful format on both platforms holding 14% share on Facebook & 10% share on YouTube.


The videos belonging to the above formats are likely to generate higher reach, views and engagement on their respective platforms.


On YouTube, ‘Shark’ & ‘Myth Busters’ and ‘Video Blogs’ were the biggest topics in terms of number of videos created that generated 11 million, 9 million and 6 million lifetime views respectively. However, ‘Video Blogs’ was the most engaging topic with 157K engagements. Facebook also had sports/adventure videos like ‘Go Pro’ & ‘Tahiti/Surfing’ and ‘Paris’ as their biggest topics in terms of number of videos created that generated 16 million, 14 million and 14 million lifetime views respectively. However, ‘Go Pro’ was the most engaging topic with 804K engagements.

Top 360 degree videos on YouTube






Top 360 degree video on Facebook


From above, Top 360 Degree Videos tables on YouTube & Facebook, we can once again identify that Sports/Adventure dominated this video feature on both the platforms generating the highest views and engagement. Also, the number of video in this format have been higher than the rest.

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